Lobby Improvements (v2382) and Future Roadmap!

Hi, I hope you're enjoying Chessplosion! I've just released update v2382 (NOTE: this is the same content as v2381 on Steam), which is the third post-launch update so far. In case you missed the previous two updates, they're covered here.

Here are the patch notes for update v2381:

  • Online (Steam builds only): Lobbies now persist for multiple matches! You no longer need to create a new lobby and re-invite your friends after every lobby match.
  • Online (Steam builds only): Lobbies now pop up a "Kick Player" window when you click on another player's name as the lobby owner, instead of silently kicking them without telling you that it was going to do it.
  • Online (Steam builds only): The game now disconnects from a match and returns to the lobby if it freezes for 13 seconds without updating, e.g. due to some players having problems when loading into a 4 player match. I'm still trying to fix the underlying causes behind some of these issues, but this is better than having to close the game.
  • Training: Picking a random stage in training mode no longer uses the player settings from the last mode you played (e.g. not spawning an opponent if you played a single player game mode before going into training)
  • General: You can no longer erase your save data from the pause menu (oops!). Speedrunners who were having fun messing around with this bug and want to keep doing so can use the launch option "-enable_erasing_save_data_from_pause_menu_bug"

You may have noticed that this update has a way bigger leap in version numbers compared to the previous updates, and that's because I've been doing a lot of work on some larger features in the background:

Online spectating still has quite a bit of work left to do before release but it's actively being worked on. I'm an active member of the fighting game community and I love it when people are able to stream online tournaments by spectating the players' matches, so I'm working on making this possible for anyone who wants to run Chessplosion tournaments in the future.

I'm also making a new extra single player mode. It's not ready to announce yet, but it's a fun twist on the regular Adventure mode you-vs-enemies gameplay and it should hopefully provide more single player replayability, especially to players who have finished the existing single player content and want the option of an even harder challenge. Hopefully I'll be able to announce this in a few weeks and ideally it will be ready for release in late November, depending on various factors.

These aren't the only free updates I have planned for Chessplosion; there are a few other new features I would love to add later. In the meantime, enjoy the game!

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