Update v2345

Thanks for playing Chessplosion! I've just released version 2345, which contains the following changes:

  • Adventure: Added some visual improvements to the [REDACTED] fight
  • Battle: Setting your single player health to infinite in Assist Mode no longer causes health bars to disppear in multiplayer
  • Battle: Updated stalemate scoring rules:
    • OLD:
      • The first stalemate in a match awards no points
      • Every stalemate after that awards 1 point to each player
    • NEW:
      • The first 3 stalemates in a match award no points
      • Every stalemate after that awards 1 point to each player
      • You can't win a match by getting a stalemate
  • Pause menu: Pressing the B button on a controller now resumes the game
  • Tennis: Kings can no longer deal damage over the center line
  • Tennis: Throwing a bomb onto an opponent who is already KO'd no longer makes the bomb instantly explode
  • Online (Steam builds only): players who you play with are now added to the Recent Games list on the View Players section of the Steam overlay
  • Online (Steam builds only): the game now pops up an error window if it fails to join a lobby, instead of silently failing
  • Online (Steam builds only): fixed a bug that would cause players to linger in lobbies if they left them instantly after joining, e.g. because of a version mismatch

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