Quality of Life Update (v2775)

This update (v2775) contains some quality of life improvements and bugfixes that I've been meaning to make for a while:

  • UI: The border of your selected menu button now flashes slowly, to make it a bit easier to tell which button is selected
  • Training: Both players now have 2 health (was 1)
  • Training: Random stage switch is now accessible, like in the other game modes
  • Training (bug fix): Hovering over the 'random' stage option now displays each of the random stages, like in the other game modes
  • General: My name is now written as "C.T. Matthews" in the game (was "CT Matthews"), to make it a bit more clear that the "C.T." part is my initials and not some random letters

In case you're curious what else I've been doing for these past few months, I've made a bit of progress on a potential Chessplosion console port and a lot of progress on a new game! The new game isn't quite ready to be publicly announced yet (I still need to compose some music so I can make a trailer) but I've been showing off some development footage on my newsletter in the meantime.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Chessplosion so far. I'm blown away by how much support I've received, and it is what lets me continue to work on updates and new games. I hope you continue to enjoy the game!

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