Dungeon Quality of Life Update (v2736)

This update adds a few quality of life upgrades for a smoother experience when playing Dungeon mode.

Here are the full patch notes for v2736:

  • Dungeon: special rooms on the minimap that have already been completed now show a semi-transparent icon instead of no icon at all, so you don't have to remember how many hearts you've found and so on.
  • Dungeon: made the icon for the Exchange upgrade smaller, so it doesn't cover up the icon next to it in the HUD.
  • Dungeon: removed the Coin Collector upgrade for now, as it's pretty heavily underpowered. Hopefully I'll be able to replace it with a stronger item later, if I get the opportunity to get localized text for a new item description.
  • Dungeon: added the "-dungeon_quick_restart" launch option, which lets you instantly restart a Dungeon mode run from the pause menu.
  • Dungeon: floor 1 now tries to always start you next to a shop or a challenge room, so you can instantly get a glimpse at which random items are available on the floor.

Edit: update v2738 tweaks a couple of the above quality of life changes:

  • Dungeon: the semi-transparent icons on the minimap are now a bit more faded out, to make it easier to tell them apart from the regular icons.
  • Dungeon: the Retry button in the pause menu was moved below the Map button. It now appears regardless of whether or not you are using the -dungeon_quick_restart launch option, although you have to go through an "are you sure?" prompt if you aren't using the launch option. But if you are using the launch option, the cursor will now immediately highlight the Retry button when you pause the game, making it even quicker to restart.

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