Dungeon Balance Patch 2 (v2709)

An update to Chessplosion's Dungeon mode has been released! It addresses a couple of balance issues, and makes it easier for you to see when you run out of ammo and switch back to using regular bombs.

Here are the full patch notes for update v2709:

  • Dungeon: Picking up another copy of a weapon that you're already carrying now causes the ammo to stack.
    • For example, if you pick up Remote Kings (Ammo: 10) and immediately pick up another Remote Kings, you will now have 20 ammo .
  • Dungeon: running out of ammo now causes you to flash white and play a sound.
    • It was common for people to run out of ammo without noticing, so this should make it a bit easier.
  • Dungeon: Total Reset upgrade no longer appears in post-boss rooms, and now only appears in shops.
    • The Total Reset upgrade heals you to full health, at the cost of removing all of your upgrades other than increased max health. This is very unlikely to be a good choice right after a boss fight, because you've usually just healed 4 health immediately before entering the post-boss room.
  • Dungeon: Speed Shoes now increase your speed by 10% (was 20%).
    • They just felt a bit too strong in most situations, and their speed could sometimes be slightly too annoying for some people to control. They also overshadowed the Crab Shoes, which give a 33% increase to horizontal horizontal speed but no increase to vertical movement speed.

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