Update v2703

This is just a quick patch with a few Dungeon mode bugfixes and balance changes. The balance changes aim to slightly lower the amount of maximum health you can build up if you find several health upgrades early in your run, as it was easy to end up with 10+ health and the ability to revive back to 50% health on death.

Here are the full patch notes for update v2703:

  • Gameplay: If a tossed bomb lands on another bomb, both bombs now explode. Previously the tossed bomb would disappear, and only the bomb that it landed on would explode.
  • Dungeon: The room containing the boss key is now always at least 6 rooms away from the boss room (was 3)
  • Dungeon: Defeating a boss now gives you 50 coins on each floor (was previously 50 on floor 1, then +10 extra per floor)
  • Dungeon: Hanging Piece no longer instakills bosses who normally start with 1 health
  • Dungeon: Bakewell Tart now heals you for 2 health (was 3)
  • Dungeon: Chaos now gives you +2 max health (was +3)
  • Dungeon: Chocolate Mint now leaves you at 33% health when you revive (was 50%)

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