Dungeon Update

Chessplosion's dungeon update is out! Chessplosion now contains Dungeon mode, a new roguelike-inspired single player mode where you explore randomized dungeons to defeat enemies and collect weapons and upgrades. Several new level hazards and bomb upgrades were created for this game mode.

It also contains 12 new battle stages and 4 new tennis stages, which can be played both online and offline, and a few new extra challenges in the Extras menu. There are also three new translations: Simplified Chinese, Russian and Korean. Here are the full patch notes for update v2702:

  • Dungeon: Added Dungeon mode!
  • Adventure: Added new level hazards from Dungeon mode to worlds 3, 6 and 7 of Adventure mode. These can be disabled using the Adventure Hazards option in the Game options menu.
  • Battle: Added 12 new battle stages, bringing the total battle stage count up to 24.
  • Tennis: Added 4 new tennis stages, bringing the total tennis stage count up to 8.
  • Extras: Added EX Boss Rush, Speedrun Challenge, and EX Speedrun Challenge.
  • Translations: Added Simplified Chinese, Russian and Korean translations.
  • General: Added five new achievements for Dungeon mode. Note that for now, you do not  have to get these new Dungeon achievements to unlock the Grandblaster achievement.

This update has been a long time in the making. Hope you have fun!

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