Online Improvements Update

A new update to Chessplosion's online play is out! You can now choose specific stages and change settings in online lobbies, and there's now an instant rematch option in online matchmaking.

Here are the full patch notes for update v2626:

  • Battle: KO'd players are now drawn behind all living players.
  • Online Lobbies (Steam builds only): You can now change your character color without leaving a lobby.
  • Online Lobbies (Steam builds only): The 'Ready' button now has a checkbox to show if you're ready or not.
  • Online Lobbies (Steam builds only): The lobby owner now has an Edit Lobby button that lets them edit the lobby's settings (such as the game mode and player count) without having to make a new lobby from scratch.
  • Online Lobbies (Steam builds only): You can now vote for which stage you want to play on, instead of all lobby matches being on a random stage. More details: When a game starts, it randomly chooses one of the players' voted stages. You can abstain from voting if you just want to let the other players choose which stage to play on, or you can vote for Random Select if you want to play on a random stage from the game's entire pool of 12 stages.
  • Online Matchmaking (Steam builds only): At the end of a matchmaking game, you now have the option to instantly rematch against the same opponent.
  • Online Lobbies (Steam builds only): 2v2 team battles are now supported in online lobbies.
  • Online Lobbies (Steam builds only): You can now customize the settings for games played in online lobbies. The lobby menus have been updated to accommodate these changes.
  • Online (Steam builds only): A progress bar now appears in the center of the screen and fills up when you're close to disconnecting from a match, to make it more obvious that the game is trying to reconnect to your opponents and hasn't just crashed.

Now that this update is out, I'm focusing on the new single player game mode. It's bigger than any of Chessplosion's other post-launch updates and I can't wait to see what people think of it. I'm aiming to finish it in late January or early February but hopefully I'll be able to share more info about it before then.

Thanks again for supporting Chessplosion. Have fun in the new lobbies!

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