Spectator Update

Chessplosion's spectator update is out now! Online lobbies are now much more stable, and you can add up to 6 spectator slots if you want people to be able to watch you play.

Here are the patch notes for update v2584:

  • Online (Steam builds only): Added spectators! Lobbies can have up to 6 spectator slots. A three second countdown plays when enough players are ready, and when that countdown hits zero, the game chooses which players will play in the next match. All other players will spectate the match. You can stop spectating a match in progress by holding the Start button (or the Esc key on keyboard) for a second.
  • Online (Steam builds only): Fixed a major bug that was causing certain players to be unable to connect to each other and start matches in online lobbies. Lobbies should be much more stable now!

Chessplosion's new single player mode is still being worked on. I hope to release in in late January, along with some extra bonus updates. Thank you again to everyone who has played Chessplosion so far, and I hope you have fun playing online! Streaming the game or running online tournaments should be much easier now, so I can't wait to see people give those things a try!

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