Update v2418

Hi again! I'm still working on a new single player game mode and I plan to have something to announce by the end of October. In the meantime, here's a quick update containing a small Queen balance change and a couple of bug fixes:

  • General: Queens' diagonal projectiles are now slightly faster: they now move at 1/14 tiles per frame instead of 1/15 tiles per frame. The main reason for this was to make explosions from Queens look more circular, but it technically makes them very slightly harder to react to at the cost of making them control space for a shorter time. I'm not sure if this is a slight buff or nerf to Queens overall.
  • General: Added the -store_saves_in_documents_folder and -custom_save_folder launch options, for anyone who has issues with writing files to Windows' default Saved Games folder and would like to save their data somewhere else instead.
    • -store_saves_in_documents_folder saves your data to Windows' default Documents folder
    • -custom_save_folder requires you to define the folder yourself (e.g. -custom_save_folder "C:\Saves\My Chessplosion Saves")
  • Online (Steam builds only): GGPO now timesyncs between players every 2 seconds (was every 4 seconds). In theory this should result in one-sided rollbacks being even more rare than they already were.
  • Online (Steam builds only): Fixed a crash that could happen with certain long player names that contain multi-byte UTF-8 unicode characters or invalid UTF-8 encodings.

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